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Character Index (through Ch. 4)

Pral Stanj (“Prall” “STonj”) -- leader of the group, Pral is dark man with green eyes. His face is cross-hatched by a myriad of small scars from his experience in combat. He usually keeps his hair closely cut except for a topknot. Pral is of large stature, standing just over six feet tall and has a very muscular build. His preferred weaponry is a long blade and buckler for quick offense and defense. A quiet man, Pral possesses extraordinary knowledge of the future bordering on clairvoyance. He is ruthless in pursuit of his goals, but has a softer side buried deep within him.

Hosus of Trieth (“Ho-SUESS” “tree-ETH”) – daughter of Trieth and sister of Lian, Hosus has been a loner much of her life. She has spent the majority of her time in the woods and learned how to track and hunt during her adolescence. She is a petite woman, with shoulder-length dark hair the hue of the forest floor after a heavy rain. Her brown eyes match her hair. Her preferred weapons are daggers and she has perfected her form of physical magic that leaves her opponents dazed and disoriented. She is a curious soul, sometimes allowing her curiosity to distract her from the task at hand. She is also fiercely loyal to those she considers her own.

Bertran (“BUR-trin”) – an absolute giant of man, Bertran overshadows even Pral’s significant stature. Standing nearly seven feet tall, Bertran spent part of his youth apprenticed to a blacksmith, forging his muscles and weapons for battle. He left his master’s forge after his mother’s death and reunited with his younger brother, Nar. Together, they perform the protective and martial duties for their small town as well as help their neighbors when additional strength is called for. Because of his status as town protector, Bertran practices with his giant bastard sword against his younger brother daily. Despite an angry youth, Bertran calmed down and learned patience after his mother’s death. He loves his brother dearly and is protective of anyone smaller than himself. He grew up in the same village as Hosus.

Nar (“NAR”)– tiny in comparison to his older brother, Nar is of average height but thick with muscle. Built much like one would imagine a dwarf, Nar worked as a woodcutter for a local mill for several years, chopping trees and hauling logs. Reunited with his brother after their mother’s death, Nar was shocked by the change in his brother’s personality and respects him deeply. Content to share protective duties with his brother, Nar is often seen as the more taciturn of the two. He is a thoughtful person content to let others speak, but he is intelligent and well-studied in history and geography (two secret delights he studies whenever he can find new information). Because of his time as a woodcutter, Nar prefers axes to swords, but his axes could never be confused for simple wood axes. Incidentally, those particular war axes were forged by Bertran’s old master. Growing up, he was close friends with Hosus and was one of few who understood her.

Phanza (“PHAWN-zuh”) – from an early age, Phanza showed an aptitude for managing magical energies. He was entered into the Wizard’s Keep at the age of 8, several years before normal apprentice magicians. He quickly understood new methods and techniques shown to him by the elder Mages and was on par with many of them by his seventeenth birthday. Because of his young age, he was unable to partake of the Mage’s Ritual, the required test of will, magical aptitude, and strength, which would enter him into the Keep’s records as a full Mage. Until he could at the age of 25, Phanza studied under the First Wizard studying new and often dangerous methods of using raw magical energies to power mechanical contrivances. He participated in the Mage’s Ritual on his 25th birthday but experienced such terrors during the test that he nearly died. He is extremely intelligent but accustomed to following orders. Phanza was discovered by Pral while running errands by the First Wizard far from the Wizard’s Keep. His staff is crafted from a rare type of grass that grows as tall and as hard as some trees. It allows him to channel his icy will through it and set enemies ablaze with burning coldfire. He feels very comfortable with Hosus because of her own magical talents and understands the loner mentality.

Glyc (“GLICK”) – twin brother to Wenley, Glyc is the trouble maker of the two. Always willing to go one step farther, he was chastised much as a youth for his sometimes dangerous pranks. It was not until his brother almost drowned because of one of these pranks that Glyc learned a healthy sense of caution. Nonetheless, Glyc is still the first to leap before looking and gets him and his brother into trouble many times in their travels. His preferred weapon is a short bow, influenced by a childhood gift from his father who worked as fletcher. He is also quite skilled with two short blades that symbolize his brother and himself as a dangerous pair. Glyc’s is a sarcastic personality but rarely is he malicious in his teasing.

Wenley (“WEN-lee”) – twin brother to Glyc, Wenley was born first, and so adopted the role of big brother. He is a reserving influence on his brother’s impetuousness but often got dragged into Glyc’s pranks nonetheless and was punished as well. He nearly drowned at a young age when Glyc thought it would be funny trip him off a local foot bridge into a lazy river, but he was rescued by a nearby bystander. He immediately forgave his brother after the incident and promised never to tell their father. Given the same present by their father, Wenley also prefers the short bow. He scoffed when his brother suggested they get matching sword pairs, but he covets them as a connection to his twin. Though reserved, Wenley will often join his brother in teasing their friends, providing a witty counterpoint to his twin’s sarcasm.

Slandra (“SLON-druh”) – nine foot tall snake-like beings, the Slandra inhabit the Ferondil Mountain Range in the north of the continent. They are a tribal civilization, known for their ornate pottery and superb metalworking abilities. They have a warrior class that is fearsome in battle, and their best armor works are reserved for this elite class. Recently they have been raiding outside of their ancestral mountain home, though no one seems to know why.

Trist Ritin (“Trist” “RITE-in”) – Trist is a scout in the King’s Army and was leading a scouting party for Ramadan Johnsa’s forces. He is a talented and intelligent man that moved his way up through the King’s army quickly after he was conscripted to defend against the Slandra incursions.

Herkiel (“HER-keel”) – Herkiel is the head of the Council of Seven that rules the city-nation of Terada. Though prone to bouts of unrestrained anger, Herkiel is an extremely intelligent and cunning man. He was orphaned as a babe and left unguarded to die in the wilds. However, he survived somehow, despite his young age, and lived in a state of nature until the age of ten when he was found and adopted by a traveling merchant. The merchant was quite wealthy and educated Herkiel in various languages, diplomacy, economics, and politics. This education, as well as the contacts established because of his adopted father’s lucrative business, allowed Herkiel to cultivate himself as a worthy leader of Terada. He is, however, contemptuous of the prospering nation (and all established states) he leads and seeks with a burning determination to see the world return to a state of nature.

Johnsa (“JON-suh”) – Johnsa is a Ramadan in a mercenary force of human fighters who gathered to combat the Slandra menace raiding out of the mountains into Teradan borders. She is an intelligent woman, savvy in the ways of combat and warfare. She grew up the daughter of an army mage who specialized in destructive battle spells. She learned at a young age about the horrors of war, the bloodiness of battle, and the consequences of every action. She grew up moving with her father’s army, and saw much of the wide world. When her father died of old age, Johnsa stayed with the army that had become her family until the age of twenty-six when she departed to join the mercenary force in Terada. Johnsa is also an innate magic user, though she was formerly unaware of her abilities, and she is unable to consciously control her unique form of magic. Johnsa is a smaller woman, standing only 5’4”. She has chestnut hair and her eye color changes between from stormy grey to a sea blue depending on her mood. When her magic is expressed, however, her eyes become blood red. Johnsa prefers the heavy-bladed scimitar that she took from a dead Slandra that was part of the group that killed her men. She is, however, quite skilled with most weapons, though she was never quite able to figure out staves.

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